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Samm Family SC Family Reconnect 2018 Reunion Planning Committee from several states.First Nazareth Baptist Church - BIG MEETING (community festival/picnic).Lee Lipscomb, [email protected]; 202-810-4237 Love Family Reunion of Lexington Mississippi, Descendants of Ben and Rosa Dorris Ellis, [email protected] Family Reunion G.Anderson, [email protected] Reunion Lyons Family Reunion Karen Crum, 1044 Mahogany Ln, Rowesville SC 29133 Macon Family Reunion Cheryl Macon, [email protected] Family Reunion La Monica Smith, 678-249-9662, [email protected] Family Reunion, Descendants of Benjamin Manning @benmanningfam Manuel-Webb Family Reunion Charlene Harmon, 1476 Locust St., Memphis TN 38108 [email protected] Crea family Reunion Chianti White, [email protected] Clary Mc Cleary Family Reunion, Descendants of Charles, Lucille, and Harriett Mc Clary of Kingstree, SC [email protected] Cuistion/Mc Quiston (and all other spellings) Family-Clan Uisdean, USA Annual Gathering and Meeting.It may be the place the person entered military service, typically a nearby large city.If you don't find the name where you expect, please also look under nearby cities or see the index pages by last name.

Contact Nichelle, [email protected] Family Reunion Welcoming all descendants of Wash (Washington) & Malissa Brown Roxie Branch; [email protected]; Mc Pherson, Pinto, Hulton (MBPH)Family Reunion Tanya Dozier, [email protected]/ Randolph Family Reunion Fran Dale, 4695 Riveredge Cove, Snellville 30039; 818-455-6290 Brubaker Family Reunion Descendants of Hans, John and John Jacob Brubaker.Marie Daniely, [email protected] Family Reunion, Descendants of John and Helen Umlah-Lewis https:// Family Reunion Circa1965/ Lindsey Kendall Family Reunion Jun 22-24, 2018, Regal Oaks Resort, Kissimmee FL Sandra Antoine, President, [email protected]; Family Reunion Descendants of James F.Lipscomb who is one of the African American legislators who will be commemorated by the African American Virginia Legislators’ Descendants Celebration.ti=cl Delvin Champagne-Geddis, 757-343-1877; [email protected] Johnson Mahoney Family Reunion Bettie Gillyard Griggs, 310-926-4979, [email protected], Facebook: Gillyard Johnson Mahoney Family Reunion Garrard-Register Family Reunion Hank Garrard, 3866 Strathonburn Ct, White Plains MD 20695; 301-645-1574, [email protected] Family Reunion Angela Gary Miller, 502-240-8895; [email protected]/Hannah Family Reunion Annette Webb, Tonia Gathers, or Jarodd Webb; [email protected] Geddis Family Reunion Holiday Dinner Dec 9, 2017, Hyattsville MD https:// [email protected] Descendants Family Reunion (formerly know as Akins-Harrison Descendants Family Reunion) Carrence Bass, 4146 Woodley Creek Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32218 904-622-8217; [email protected]:// Hareday/Bevans/Bevan/Smith Family Gathering Catherine Lindsay, 101 West Leighton, Frontenac KS 66763; 620-704-7123 Harris Family Reunion, 77th Reunion Descendants of Theodosia Richardson Harris and Harry Andrew Harris, Jeremiah and Violetta Strickland Norris Jacqueline Harris Cunningham, [email protected] Family Reunion, Descendants of John and Nancy Jane (Mayhew) Harrison, Kirkwood PA Barbara Wellons, President, PO Box 798, Langhorne PA 215 891-9987; [email protected] Unity Celebration Contact Angela Jinks 216-570-9814 Halvorson Family Reunion Frank Evenson, 435-256-6048, [email protected] Family Reunion Narvie Stewart, 5549 Hwy 17, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 843-651-9494, [email protected] Family Reunion, descendants of Jennie and Ross, 52nd Annual Joyce Nicholson, [email protected] Little Bush 50th Family Reunion Jovan Miles, [email protected], Thomas & Surnames Family Reunion Contact Keri, [email protected]: Thomas Holmes Family Reunion Blog: Family Reunion Brenda Holt, 817-899-3371; [email protected] Family Reunion Daryl Hopkins, 323-755-7881; [email protected] Halsell Holsey Family Reunion Jonnie Ramsey Brown, 678 570-7239; [email protected]; https:// , Horton Thomas and White Family Reunion Ellen Mc Clendon, 3894 Hitchcock Rd, Macon GA 31217; 478-361-5309 Insall Family Reunion Jennifer Ridgway Denton; 210-291-1195 Isom/Oglesby Family Reunion, 35th annual Aug 18-20, 2017, Toccoa GA Theresa Hawkins ( Dunston ), 864-614-2014; [email protected] Gathering: The seeds of Eugene JJ Scott, [email protected]; 843-693-9728 Jarmon Family Reunion Jana Rayford, 2017 Reunion Coordinator, [email protected] Scott Family Reunion Jul 19-22, 2019, Lancaster, Pennsylvania Chairperson(s): Mrs. Chairman Robin Lee (757) 719-3237, Treasurer Nadine Bryant (757) 218-6565 Kennedy Walker Reunion Bonita Lawrence Mc Clure, [email protected], 6724 Walnut Cove Drive, Raleigh NC 27603 Kinsler Family Reunion Brenda Kinsler, PO Box 3257, Washington, DC 20010 202-407-3290; [email protected]; Knotts Family Reunion Martha Knotts; [email protected] Family Reunion Sheryl Tufts, 954-336-5262; [email protected] Le Sondra Barnett-Hollowell, 816-726-3323; [email protected] James Harris, 303-322-1432; [email protected]=cl View menu at Champagne-Geddis, 757-343-1877; [email protected] & Rowe Family Reunion Vivian Dunbar, [email protected] Family Reunion Bev Thomas, 720-363-9005; [email protected] (Gruny, Vetter, Eck) Family Reunion Jul 2019, Door County, Wisconsin Sandra Smith, 3604 Aspen Dr., West Des Moines IA 50265 [email protected]; 515-491-6112 Govier Family Reunion, 86th Annual Aug 5, 2018, Marsden Park, Fennimore WI Gordon Govier, Grandberry Hunter Family Reunion Mrs. Ed., 256.372.8176; [email protected] Grant-Johnson Family Reunion, 82nd annual Melda Grant, [email protected] Family Reunion Jul 26-29, 2018, Orlando FL Monic Boddy, 610 Saddle Ridge Drive, Davenport FL 33896 407-844-1970; [email protected] Family Reunion, Descendants of Frances Swift and Foley Griffin, Philadelphia, Mississippi Jaleesa Collins, CLB 15, 15th MEU, 1st MLG, PO Box 555717, Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5717 310-962-5988; [email protected]; Family Reunion Anne Mason, [email protected] Family Reunion, Descendants of Escaped Slaves and Civil War Veterans Baldy Guy (1841-1911) & George Guy (1845-1928) Family Reunion Deborah Bishop, [email protected] Hill Taylor Family Reunion La Tanya Joseph, 863-812-7245, 2016. [email protected] Currington Family Reunion Roslin V. Registration Packet Leno Smith Family Reunionss [email protected]:// Lewis Family Reunion, Descendants of David Ernest and Annie Mary Lewis from West Virginia.

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