Chat seppy

The finish is long but still quite rubbery, sort of a blend of rubber, orange marmalade and fortified wine (Rivesaltes).

In a whole, again not one of the greatest whiskies but it’s certainly more enjoyable and ‘talkative’ than the Cadenhead’s.

But don’t get me wrong - I also thought the relatively recent Church with no Bell was pretty good too - so I’m not just living in a rosy and nostalgic past.

I suppose this must be what they call ‘after dinner jazz’.

Over the years his gigs have been increasingly frustrating occasions - always leaving me with the sense that Martyn is someone who almost throws his considerable talents away in favour of ‘banter’ and buffoonery.And they know the hand movements – during ‘My city of ruins’ (a nice song from The Rising) it begins to look like a revivalist meeting (“with these hands I pray my lord” goes the refrain); disciples in supplication at the altar of the great one.I have to say that a seventeen piece band is a bit of a sight these days, almost (I said almost) worth the price of admission.You almost wonder if performers like these are victims of their audience rather than victims of themselves.You may know that Martyn recently had his right leg amputated above the knee, and it’s been a long time since he lost his svelte youthful good looks (when we got home I had to dig out the Old Grey Whistle Test DVDs just to check how youthful and good looking he was back in the seventies). He’s got a good band with him, keyboards, bass (outstanding), drums, clarinet and saxophone, which is just as well.

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