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Also be aware that PDF data with CMYK colors may not look perfect.

Version 5.2.5 has a preference to enable Dyna PDF as an alternative PDF engine.

*Note: With all personal information submitted, you are given the option to display or not display the information to other users. Information you submit will only be used by Canuck Audio Mart to maintain our database and to verify users to prevent scammers. You may read our Privacy Policy for further information.

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This can only be fixed by reporting the bugs to Apple so they can fix their Core Graphics PDF handling.

Please test all PDF files you create whether they look okay to you.

Do I have to be a Canadian to use Canuck Audio Mart? It's also advantageous if both buyer and sellers live in nearby areas to do in-person transactions so both parties' obligations are fulfilled instantaneously.

Anyone, Canadian or non-Canadian, can be a buyer on Canuck Audio Mart.

Please use the right amount and add 19% VAT if you are from Germany.Canuck Audio Mart listings are FREE for all casual users.There are certain value added features which do cost money, but the basic classified listings are free to post for hobbyists who don't earn a revenue buying, selling, trading, or offering services related to hifi.Feel free to browse through sellers' classifieds and reply to them with inquiries.However, it is highly recommended that you register for an account as that gives you greater credibility as a buyer, and sellers are therefore more open to doing business with you.

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