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All 3 of the reported averages of Spain on wiki are self reported and one of the self reported averages puts them at 1.77cm.

This heightism seems to be based around old stereotypes of Germanic and Mediterranean people.

Germany, Greece, Korea, some latin countries like France and even Brazil were taller than the English team haha The French are also partially mediterraneans ( I am French and we do not want to be associated with Germany or Britain).

So idunno why northern euros keep trying to make us northern europeans.

The British clearly look distinct from Nordics and Germans. in to Reply People say that because Gandy looks atypical for British but pretty typical for an Italian or Spaniard.I found an Italian Gandy look-alike without even trying.They’re actually below the French in measured height.Heightwise Britain is one of the shortest countries in Europe. Spain is actually taller than the UK as is most southern countries.

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