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Lions Recycle for Sight Australia Lions Recycle for Sight Australia is part of the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglass Recycling Program, headquartered in Queensland and operating throughout Australia and overseas.

is a not for profit volunteer group operating under a direct license issued by the Lions International Board of Directors in 1998 and currently collects close to 600,000 pair a year of used spectacles, sunglasses, new frames, used lens, (used) contact lens and a variety of medical support equipment.

Keilor Village Pharmacy is situated at 686 Old Calder Hwy, Keilor 3036.

The health of those forced to flee is a major priority for UNHCR.

In addition, the International Association may sanction a worldwide project via the International Convention.

Many families provide used spectacles no longer suitable for the family or departed relative.

Our workforce includes 30 persons on the Commonwealth Work for the Dole programme,4-10 persons on community correction orders and many volunteers.

Two centres operate 3 full days or 5 mornings a week, and the third 5 or 6 days a week.

The program cleans, grades and labels 450,000 pair annually of used spectacles and sunglasses at our three centres in Queensland.

The labelled end product is packed in boxes of 200 pair, half of one prescription and 100 of the next higher prescription, under quality control rules.

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