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It isn’t uncommon for male entertainers to manufacture the illusion that they are single in order to keep single female fans daydreaming about being in a relationship with their idol.Kerry could have been creating this same illusion–or, she could just be the secretive type. Reason #2: The audience of black women who visit this site can be broken down into 3 groups.Group #2 readers are those who are open to interracial dating, but may not necessarily have an preference for or against black men.These are the women who have dated black guys, non-black Latino’s, a white guy (or two), and had a crush on a Japanese actor.Kerry’s marriage does nothing to change the facts, but her marriage and previous dating life can be an example to other black women to expand their dating options beyond race, color, creed, and ethnicity.Furthermore, if the man who happens to fit all of your requirements happens to be of the same race, feel free to roll with that, too.

That’s one thing friends say will serve her well as she prepares to become a mom.

It wasn’t until she met Asomugha in 2010 that she found her match – and decided their relationship wasn’t for public consumption.

“They’re the same person,” a Washington pal says of their connection.

Several of Kerry’s previous relationships with non-black men have been well-known (the name David Moscow comes to mind) and some Scandal stans seemed to have believed that the chemistry between Kerry and her co-star Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald Grant) was less-acting-and-more-real.

Therefore, Kerry’s real life relationship with an accomplished black man may have burst the bubble of some folks who were overly invested in the idea of Kerry being with a white guy.

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