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Hezbollah leaders have continued to profess its support for Syria, while stressing Lebanese unity by arguing against "Western interference" in the country.

As well as a political clout, Hezbollah has wide popular appeal by providing social services and health care. Hezbollah's biggest test came in mid-2006, when its fighters captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border attack, killing a number of others.

It also blocked the election of a new president by repeatedly boycotting sessions of parliament.

The stalemate ended on , when the group reached a deal with the government under which its power of veto was recognised.

In 2002 15 European nations united their economies under the Euro, and today the Euro is used by more than 300 million Europeans, making it the world's second most traded currency after the United States dollar.

Baalbeck is located on two main historic trade routes, one between the Mediterranean coast and the Syrian interior and the other between northern Syria and northern Palestine.

Today the city, 85 kilometers from Beirut, is an important administrative and economic center in the northern Beqaa valley.

In the early days, its leaders imposed strict codes of Islamic behaviour on towns and villages in the south of the country - a move that was not universally popular with the region's citizens.

But the party emphasises that its Islamic vision should not be interpreted as an intention to impose an Islamic society on the Lebanese.

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