Not dating in your 20s

Dating in your 30s: Everyone around you says you’re not rushing things enough.

People are more likely to ask if you want kids if you haven’t had any already.

Life is pretty different when you’re comparing your 20s and 30s.

When you’re younger, you’re still trying to figure out how to navigate the world as an adult and determine what you want within that world and how to get it. Love to you means butterflies and showing your love any time you can.

As you get older, is you being older, you’re more financially stable, but also more emotionally and mentally stable – at least usually – and you know what you want, particularly when it comes to romance. If a relationship is getting stale, you might get fidgety because you’re less likely to be ready to settle down yet. You’re doing pretty well by yourself, but you’re looking for a partner to build your life with. Sex Dating in your 20s: You’re still experimenting and figuring things out.

Here’s how relationships are different in both decades – because love definitely changes over the years. Only sharing sexual passion was okay when you wanted to have fun more than you wanted to build something long-term, but that eventually dies. This is the time where you have enough time and energy to see what you like and what you don’t.

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Dating in your 30s: You’re dating people with ex-wives and kids.

If it’s a dud, at least you can drink some high quality wine to get through it. Self-esteem Dating in your 20s: You change yourself to try to get a man to like you.

You probably don’t notice yourself doing this, but it happens.

You don’t have as much energy or time to waste, so you’re vocal about what you like. Since you’re just starting out, you’re probably doing more coffee dates to keep the costs down and secretly hoping your date is willing to open his wallet a bit, too.

Dating in your 30s: You’re able to step up your game and do classier (read: more expensive) things. You’re more worried about what the person will be like than how much it’s going to cost you to go out.

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