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Cover Stories is a fine tool for taking a quick glance at what's trending in your topics of choice, as opposed to Smart Magazine's deeper dives.Overall, Flipboard's reading experience is superior to that of Google Play Newsstand, which has a somewhat cluttered interface.

Flipboard's recently updated Android app, which boasts a beautiful and user-friendly redesign, remains the de facto Android news-reading app—mainly because much of the competition, such as The Daily and Zite, have bitten the dust.

Smart Magazines update several times during the day, as their sources publish content.

And hearting articles provides Flipboard the information that it uses to tailor your future reading experiences.

They aren't static, either; Smart Magazine are constantly evolving, and specific to your reading habits.

My fashion-based Smart Magazine pulled in informative, image-heavy articles from , and other style outlets.

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