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He obtained the rank of field marshal in France May and is an Officer of the Legion of Honour .He died January , leaving his fortune to the city of Cahors to fund scholarships for students of the Gambetta school.Louis ( Chevalier ) Order of the Two Sicilies ( Commander ) edit Consult the model documentation Anne Jacques Jean Louis, Count Galdemar, said Jean-Louis Galdemar is a general of Empire , born in Cahors the 17 December 1769 and died in Cahors the 11 January 1837 .Summary Career Engaged in the 2nd Battalion of the Lot, he participated in the campaigns of the army of Italy and the German campaign in 1805 alongside Murat , his companion at the Royal College will become nearly a century later Gambetta school . After the Battle of Jena is made Knight of the Legion of Honour .Teri Embrey (talk) , 31 January 2017 (UTC)Teri Embrey: Thanks for your interest in the list.I'm afraid we can only use terms supported by Wikidata.He was appointed squadron leader during the Polish campaign in 1807 after the Battle of Eylau .

Thanks for pointing out that Anne de Lévis, Císsides and Anne Georges Augustin de Monti were male.

Anne de Lévis was an ardent supporter of Henry IV : he crushed the forces of the League in Limoges and in 1591 , entirely defeated the Leaguers, near Souillac in Quercy .

He was also Count of Charmes , peer and lieutenant general for King Henry IV in Languedoc.

As you may have noticed, we also have a crowd-sourced list.

It may be worthwhile adding some of the more notable ones there on indeed on the WP Military History list.

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