Updating 08 chevy 1500 cpu garigeba 20 clis shemdeg online dating

Be sure RED goes to red labeled on top of the ECM Blue to blue etc. If you get any sort of hiccup strange Idle anything out of the ordinary turn the truck off and double check all connections.Here is a quick guide from GM about the procedure Correction Using harness jumper wire and instruction kit, P/N 12167310, revise the wiring harness at the VCM connector. The following tools are available from Kent-Moore (1-800-345-2233) for use in removing and relocating the VCM wires: 1.Now push your pin in place until it sits flush like the rest. Now snap your blue cover back on And push this plug aside.Had difficulty starting my truck yesterday throughout the day.

The corrected VCMs are identified with service number 16244210 on the VCM identification label. Move the wire located at connector J3 (WHITE/GREY/CLEAR), pin 18 to connector J1 (BLUE), pin 23. Install the jumper wire between connector J2 (RED), pin 26 and connector J3 (WHITE/GREY/CLEAR), pin 18. Install the tag included in the kit around the VCM wiring harness. Road test to verify that the condition has been corrected. Transmission fluid oxidation or excessive sediment. I have figured out the other steps and have the jumper wire from GM.Since then I have replaced the TPS with a new AC Delco sensor, dropped the pan and replaced the Sol A and B. Currently the truck is running much better and hasn't gone back into the limp mode, stuck in 2nd gear, high reving , yada, yada.Before this I would pull off the road and reset my ignition key.Once done Locate your ECU it will have 4 large plugs and 2 smaller ones. Now you need to release the Clip on top of the harness.Simply push on the 2 side tabs and it will release. Its very tough but you can pull the Pin thorough both Green Rubber gasket and the Black plastic plug.

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