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If you decide to give that brand a try, please do let me know how it goes! Reply So i’ve learnt that normal wheat flour composition is 40% protein and 60% starch.

So to make your own gluten flour mix, just use grain type flour to make up 40% and starch type flour to make up the other 60%.

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And I can definitely see that happening with this lovely bread! Reply I made a batch of this banana bread to bring with me during my camping/ hiking trip in Yosemite.And congratulations on your beautiful new addition!Wishing you all much happiness and health :) Reply Hi Delfina!I’ve never baked with it before and wondered if it’s any good for baking cakes?Thank for all the great recipes, I’m currently breastfeeding and my baby is dairy soy intolerant so it’s great to find suitable recipes when I’m on such a limited diet Reply Sarah, a combination of brown rice / white rice / and a starch (tapioca or potato) works best.

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